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Directorate of Health Services Kerala(DHS Kerla)

Directorate of Health Services Kerala(DHS Kerala) customer care numbers

Kerala’s accomplishments in wellbeing situation are comparable to created nations. Kerala tops the exhibition in meeting Millennium Development Goals. The state has a superior wellbeing standard with low birth and demise rate, quickly declining development rate, elevated level of acknowledgment of family arranging techniques and expanded future. for more details about dhs kerala visit here.

Vision of Dhs Kerala

Regardless of these accomplishments, the rising and reappearing ailments structure a general wellbeing danger which requests a multidimensional administration through between sectoral co-appointment. This shaped the establishment for Kerala to set explicit focuses to be accomplished by 2020 and Sustainable Development Goal No.3 shaped the reference outline work. Kerala has set explicit focuses on Hepatitis, Leprosy,Lymphatic Filariasis, Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS.In expansion to seven SDG focuses of UN, Kerala has set objective 8 on Dental wellbeing, Eye wellbeing and Palliative consideration.

Understanding benevolent clinic activity named ARDRAM offers quality types of assistance at all wellbeing levels. As a piece of the program it is imagined to change over essential wellbeing habitats into family wellbeing focuses in a staged way so as to convey compelling family focused wellbeing administrations.

Our vision is a state with quality social insurance, reasonable and worthy to all.Our strategic anticipation, control and the board of communicable,non-transferable and way of life illnesses, catastrophe management,healthy contamination free condition, sustaining a mentality among the general population to recognize wellbeing needs and use wellbeing administrations by actualizing different national wellbeing programs. The procedure is by embracing essential human services approach dependent on the standards of equity,inter-sectoral co-appointment and network investment.


  • 04712302490

Postal Address

Directorate of Health Services,General Hospital Junction, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 035

email id : dhskerala@gmail.com ,dhskerala.hlth@kerala.gov.in

Telephone : 04712302490

FAX : 04712303025 / 04712303080

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Officers in the Directorate of Health Services

Designation Name of Officer Phone No/Fax No.
Director of Health Services Dr. Sarita.R.L 0471-2303025 / 2519244
Addl.DHS(Medical) Dr. B. Sreelatha 0471-2303360 / 2303360
Addl.DHS (Admn & Trg) Dr.Sameera.A 0471-2302490/Extn.303
Addl.DHS (FW) Dr.Ushakumari.S 0471-2303080 / 2519242
Addl.DHS (TB) Dr.Parvathy. A.P 0471-2466058
Add.DHS (PH) Dr.Reena.K.J 0471-2302160 / 2519324
Addl.DHS (Vig) 0471-2302869 / 2519265
Addl.DHS (Planning) Dr.Raju.V.R 0471-2303360
Dy.DHS (Dental) Dr. Simon Morrison 0471-2302490/Extn.250
Dy.DHS (Mdl) Dr. Bindu Mohan 0471-2302490/Extn.283
Dy. DHS (PH) Dr. Meenakshy 0471-2302490/Extn.325
Dy.DHS (OPH) Dr. Ajakumary 0471-2306012 / 2306012
Dy.DHS (PM&R) 0471-2301906 / 2301906
Dy.DHS (Leprosy)(PH) Dr. Padmalatha 0471-2302745 / 2302745
Dy.DHS(Planning) Dr.C.K.Jagadeesan 0471-2302490/Extn.243
Asst. Director (ORT ) Dr. Manjula Bhai N.S
Asst. Director (Plg) Dr. Anil
IUD- MO Dr. Bipin K Gopal 0471-2302490/Extn.276
Stores Officer (Govt. Medical Stores) Sri.P.D.Krishna Raj 0471-2302490 Extn 205
Asst.Dir. (Entomology)
State Health Transport Officer Sri.R.T.Madhu 0471-2302490 /Extn.278
Senior Administrative Officer Sri.Ajayamohan.E.M 0471-2303476 / 2303476
Senior Finance Officer Sri.Ferold Xavier 0471-2304640 / 2304640
Finance Officer Smt.Bindhu.S 0471-2304640 / 2304640
Engineer Laison Officer Sri.Manojkumar.M 0471-2302490 Extn 333
Law Officer Sri.Jeevan.N 0471-2302490 Extn 204

Functions of Dhs Kerala

The Health Services perform the chief function of delivery of primary health care in a wholesome manner. Preventive and promotive health care in addition to the routine curative services and rehabilitation aspects of health care constitute the main activities of the department. The activities include the establishment and maintenance of medical institutions with necessary infrastructure, control of communicable diseases, rendering of Family Welfare services including Maternal and Child Health Services, implementation of National Control / Eradication programmes providing curative services and administration. The Analytical Laboratories and Public Health Laboratory function as a single-purpose units under the department with independent controlling officer for each.

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